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about us

Oceanwave of Cheshire is a bespoke fresh fish and seafood delivery service across Cheshire. Originally formed in 1961 by David Dawson and was purchased in 2000 by myself Mathew Clark.


In the past 17 years I have grown the business through hard work, punctuality, cleanliness and above all attention to detail on every piece of fish I buy.


Our fish is purchased at Fleetwood quayside my home town at 4 am each morning having been marketed and filleted throughout the night by our professional filleters.


The early starts allow us to handpick only the very freshest produce and have it on sale in Cheshire by 7 am each morning. Having selected the best of the day's catch at the market we spend each day Tuesday-Friday delivering to our customer base right across Cheshire.


We have a fantastic display which we bring to the door for your perusal and then you choose what you would like. 

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